Welcome to Paradisia
Welcome to Paradisia
Episode No. 55
Production No. 303
Air Date 07/07/2010
Planet Paradisia

Welcome to Paradisiais the fifty fifth episode of Galactik Football and the third episode of the third season.


Snow Kids find paradisa an notice that Lord Phoenix skimp on costs. Villas, practice rooms, two stadiums ... this promises to be a luxurious tournament! Villa, practice room, tw tenns ... This promises to be a luxury tournament! In addition, Lord Phoenix hopes to equip Paradisia with its own Flux, but the mysterious Vega reminds him that this has a price ... The teams are looking for new stars, including the Snow Kids, since Mei has joined the Shadows. Furthermore, On the beach, Rocket can't take his eyes off Lun-Zia, an athletic Wambas player. Yuki is recruited by the Elektras and D'Jok realizes that Mei's transfer to the Shadows wasn't simply an impulsive decision ...

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 3- Welcome to Paradisia (English)23:10

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 3- Welcome to Paradisia (English)

Episode NotesEdit

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