It was a qualifying match that took place on Unadar.


The Snow Kids had just found out that Rocket was Aarch's nephew. Players like D'Jok or Micro-Ice were worried that Rocket recieved special treatment and didn't deserve his place as captain. This tension, and the effects of the pollution of Unadar made the Snow Kids play very poorly. 

The Rykers played very rough and they managed to quickly overwhelm the Akillian team. They scored very fast after an error in defense by Thran. The few bursts of energy from the Snow Kids were stopped by the power of The Metal Scream and a good performance by Kernor, who scored a goal from a penalty for 3-0. Two more goals from the Rykers ended the match with a crushing 5-0 victory for the Unadar team. 


The RykersEdit

  • Goalkeeper - Kernor
  • Defenders - Shekmut
  • Strikers - Shalmel Shake

Snow KidsEdit


Rykers:5 - 0:Snow Kids


  • This was the worst defeat of the Snow Kids in the entire series.

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