The New Captain
The New Captain
Episode No. 30
Production No. 204
Air Date 13/04/2008
Planet Genesis Stadium

The New Captain is the thirtieth episode of Galactik Football. It aired on April 13th 2008.


Clamp tells Sonny that he saw Bleylock alive. Sonny doesn’t believe it, but he’s taking no chances. He and his pirates return to Genesis. Aarch makes D’Jok the new captain of the Snow Kids in Rocket’s absence; Tia takes it badly… The “friendly” between the Snow Kids and The Shadows is very unfriendly, both on and off the pitch. The match ends 1-1 as Sinedd scores a last gasp goal for The Shadows. D’Jok criticises Yuki for allowing Sinedd to score, but the other Snow Kids defend Yuki saying she has a great game. D'jok says that if the team carry on playing like they just did, they will lose every game, which Aarch agrees to. However Aarch says the Snow Kids won't play like that and D'jok needs to calm down about being captain and not take it too seriously.

Galactik Football - S02E04 - The New Captain23:30

Galactik Football - S02E04 - The New Captain

Episode NotesEdit

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