The Forfeit
The Forfeit
Episode No. 21
Production No. 121
Air Date 28/07/2006
Planet Genesis Stadium

The Forfeit is the twenty-first episode of Galactik Football. It aired on July 28th 2006.


Aarch and his players are in serious trouble. Without MetaFlux, our young heroes seem to be losing control of the Breath of Akillian. They have no chance of winning the match against the Technoid team. In the official boxes, Bleylock rubs his hands as he looks at D’Jok: he has just received a mysterious call that will allow him to follow through with his plan after all.

Galactik Football - S01E21 - The Forfeit24:00

Galactik Football - S01E21 - The Forfeit

Episode NotesEdit

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