The All-Stars
The All-Stars
Episode No. 35
Production No. 209
Air Date 03/05/2008
Planet Genesis Stadium

The All-Stars is the thirty-fifth episode of Galactik Football. It aired on May 3rd 2008.


D’Jok continues to have his nightmares… but Micro-Ice assures him he’s just nervous before the All-Stars match. The Snow-Kids watch the match on the Holo-TV: the All-Stars vs. the Technodroids V3s… Luur of the Xenons is very impressive; his flux, the Heat of Xenon is one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy. Aarch - the All-Star team coach - struggles with Sineed, but Warren rallies the team on. D’Jok plays well, but Micro-Ice has doubts about the Snow-Kids’s success in the upcoming matches. Mark and the rest of the team tell him where to go! The young pirate Arty overhears the former Wambas players Wolfen and Zoran talking about Rocket… and something called “Netherball”…What could it be?

Galactik Football - S02E09 - The All-Stars23:31

Galactik Football - S02E09 - The All-Stars

Episode NotesEdit

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