The All-Stars
Club galactik football wallpaper-1280x1024
Name The All-Stars
Coach Aarch
Captain Warren
Flux The Breath of Akillian,
The Roar,
The Metal Scream,

The Heat of Xenon,
The Smog,
The Charge

Debut The All-Stars


The All Star Team was formed to battle against the Technodroid V3 (The most successful model team ever built by Technoid) on the field exclusively. Arch, the Snow Kids coach is the one who coaches the All Star Team. In the Team there are seven great players in the galaxy and they are Kernor, Lune-Zeara, Sinedd, Luur, Warren, D'Jok and Stevens. With the greatest team in the galaxy, the technodroids V3 was out class and out match and lose with 5-1. And the greatest 5 scores are made by D'Jok 2 goals, Warren 1 goal and Luur 2 goals.




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