Technoid is the most powerful organization in Galactik Football. The organization specializes in creating, upgrading and developing new technology, they are also notable for their work as being the galaxy's protectors with their collection of security robots and prisons. The leader of Technoid is Duke Maddox.


The extent of their power is unclear however what is shown is that they have significant input into running the Galaxy.


Throughout the series, many conspiricies about technoid have been shown, the central of which being is that Technoid have been secretly developing technology that could threaten the peace of the galaxy, the first example being The Metaflux.

The actions of the Technoid Robots also shows that if a Technoid operative is illegally working then they will still obey all orders, in Season 2, Bleylock was banished from Technoid after his supposed death but the Technoid robots continued to follow his orders.

Known members of TechnoidEdit

  • Duke Maddox (Leader)
  • Bleylock (Former General)
  • Harris (Galactik Football League Representative in Season 2)
  • Brim Simbra (Flux Society Representative)
  • Sonny Blackbones, in his Technoid days known as I'Son (Former scientist now major adversary)
  • Clamp, in his Technoid days known as Yarrit Labnor (Former scientist, memory erased)
  • Baldwin (Scientist working for Bleylock)

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