Stars in Danger
Stars in Danger
Episode No. 53
Production No. 301
Air Date 05/07/2010
Planet Akillian, Shadow Archipelago, Paradisia

Stars in Danger is the fifty third episode of Galactik Football and the first episode of the third season. It aired on July 5th 2010.


The Snow Kids are on Akillian practicing for their upcoming friendly match against the Shadows. But they play without conviction and Aarch lets them know it. When explosions at Genesis Stadium sever the contact with Mei, who was participating from a distance, D'Jok worries for her. But he discovers that she wasn't actually on Genesis! This lie sours the mood. This causes a rift between D'jok and Mei, and continues during the Shadows-Snow Kids match which the Snow Kids lost 4-0. D'jok then criticized Mei for her performance and this was too far for Mei and breaks up with him. But an intergalactic press release catches the Snow Kids' attention. A mysterious character, Lord Phoenix, is organizing an incredible mixed-Flux tournament on his planet, Paradisia. This announcement leaves the team in a state of uncertainty, as they wonder if they should participate or not… At the end of the episode Mei joins the Shadows.

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 1- Stars in Danger (English)24:02

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 1- Stars in Danger (English)

Preceded by:
Bleylock's Revenge
Galactik Football episode
Succeeded by:
The Break-Up

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