Shekmut Infobox
Team The Rykers (actively)
Flux The Metal Scream
Position Defender
Home Planet Unadar

Shekmut or Jefluid (in French version) is a defender of The Rykers and a natural born defender.


Shekmut is tall and muscular, with brown hair. She wears the standard Ryker kit.


As with every Ryker, Shekmut is ruthless and cunning. She would do anything to keep the opponent from scoring a goal.


Kernor's teamate and protector. Due to her defensive skills in the first match against the Snow Kids, they reigned victorious. She is a defender on the Rykers. In the second match, her defensive skills went too far and led the Snow Kids their second goal. In Season 2, she becomes prominent as she scores and takes the lead against the Snow Kids in the quarter final 1-0 , but the Snow Kids reflect and double the number of goals the Rykers had, leading them to victory.In Season 3, Shekmut also played on D'Jok's team in the Paradisian All Stars match and was seen tackling Rocket. However, Warren and [[Won 's powers were too strong, resulting in an elimination. She later comes back as defender, but Luur took over the game an won 3-2.

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