Sarlight Infobox
Team The Lightnings (actively)
Flux The Charge
Position Defender
Shirt Number 4 (The Lightnings)
Home Planet Xzion
Debut The Comeback

Sarlight is the defender of The Lightnings, he forms a defensive back line for the Lightnings with Nitro.


He resembles his teammates, having blue skin and being bald. He also has white eyes without pupils.


Like every member of his team, Sarlight believes in fair play and winning the games on the pitch.


Sarlight is a defender of the Lightnings. He was part of his team when they reached the quarter-finals of the Galactik Football Cup, only to lose to the penalties against the Snow Kids after a tight game. In the next GFC, they reached the semi-finals when they were eliminated again by the Snow Kids, 4-3 in extra-times. Sarlight also participated in the Paradisian Tournament and the next Galactik Football Cup.

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