Rockets Descent
Episode No. 34
Production No. 208
Air Date 27/04/2008
Planet Genesis Stadium

Rocket's Descent is the thirty-fourth episode of Galactik Football. It aired on April 27th 2008.

Plunging into the world of Netherball, Rocket plays Woowamboo of the Wambas. Will Rocket keep control of The Sphere? Sonny tells his men they need to find Rocket. Rocket may lead them to Bleylock… if Bleyok is alive. In a hidden lab, Bleylock shows Harris what’s really behind Netherball… they are capturing the players’ powerful flux from The Sphere!! But why? Clamp and Dame Simbai think the "new Snow Kids" are ready for the tournament. It won’t be long now.

Galactik Football - S02E08 - Rocket's Descent23:30

Galactik Football - S02E08 - Rocket's Descent

Preceded by:
Doubts Within
Galactik Football episode
Succeeded by:
The All-Stars

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