Paradisia Infobox

Paradisia, The Planet who organized the Tournament

The Paradisian Tournament is a mixed flux Tournament organized by Magnus Blade on Paradisia. The Tournament begins by The Paradisian All-Stars.


Paradisian All-Stars

Yellow Team 3 - 3 Red Team

Qualification Matches

The Shadows 4 - 0 The Rykers

The Elektras 3 - 2 The Cyclops

Snow Kids 3 - 2 The Pirates

The Wambas 0 - 3 Team Paradisia

Technodroids 1 - 6 The Xenons

Red Tigers 2 - 4 The Lightnings

the Sandmen of Menor 4 - 2 The Pullsaurs (mentioned only)


Either the Sandmen of Menor lost to the The Elektras or the The Shadows

Team Paradisia 2 - 1 The Lightnings

Snow Kids 1 - 0 The Xenons


The Shadows 3 - 1 The Elektras

Snow Kids 3 - 3 Team Paradisia (Penalty : Snow Kids 3 - 4 Team Paradisia)


The Shadows 3 - 3 Team Paradisia

The Finale was stoped because Paradisia was exploding.



  • It is the only tournament which the Snow Kids didn't won: this statement is not true because the snow kids win

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