New Order
Episode No. 40
Production No. 214
Air Date 26/07/2008
Planet Genesis Stadium

New Order is the fourtieth episode of Galactik Football. It aired on July 26th 2008.


Sonny and Corso escape arrest by Technoid’s robots thanks to Arty and Bennett’s clever trick. The pirates blast away from Genesis aboard the Black Manta just in time... But Sonny and his gang are blamed for the explosion on the Shadows planet, and the Pirates GF team is disqualified. Artegor falls ill due to the lack of the Smog; Aarch takes him to Dame Simbai for treatment. Rocket plays Luur in Netherball in a wicked obstacle match. The Snow Kids are shocked to see "the new Rocket"…especially Tia. He’s a different person. D’Jok tells Rocket that he can play GF again, but Rocket tells him he’s never coming back. Tia is devastated. Bleylock and Harris are thrilled that Sonny Blackbones is on the run again… but why are they still collecting the flux?

Galactik Football - S02E14 - A New Order22:31

Galactik Football - S02E14 - A New Order


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