Netherball Rules!
Netherball Rules!
Episode No. 32
Production No. 206
Air Date 20/04/2008
Planet Genesis Stadium

Netherball Rules! is the thirty-second episode of Galactik Football. It aired on April 20th 2008.


Back on Genesis, Norata blames Aarch for Rocket’s disappearance. Tia fights with D’Jok because she thinks he doesn’t care about Rocket as he’s too happy being "the new captain". Yuki has doubts about her ability; is she good enough to be a Snow Kid? Micro-Ice takes Yuki to the Luna Genesis amusement park – but Ahito, Thran and Mark crash Micro-Ice’s plans! Rocket plays the Rykers’s star Kernor - the current Netherball champion - in a brutal one-on-one match! Will she remain in The Sphere?

Galactik Football - S02E06 - Netherball Rules!23:31

Galactik Football - S02E06 - Netherball Rules!


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