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Mei Infobox
Age 15 ( Season 1 )
19 ( Season 2 )
20 ( Season 3 )
Height 180cm
Team Snow Kids ( Actively )
The Shadows ( Formerly )
Paradisian All-Stars ( Formerly )
Flux The Breath of Akillian
The Smog ( Formerly )
Position Defender
Shirt Number 7 ( Snow Kids )
7 ( The Shadows )
Home Planet Akillian
Debut The Comeback

Mei is a defender for the Snow Kids. She holds the type of the « beautiful plant ». Tall, well proportioned, her blue eyes and brown hair abundant leaves no one indifferent.

In addition to being a football player, she followes a career in advertising, suported a bit too much by her mother. She masters the Breath for the return match against the Rykers.

She argued with Aarch to become a striker instead of a defender, something she had wanted ever since the tests, but he never changed his mind. Several times, she gave up, but her mother kept insisting until Mei decided to use her beauty. Knowing Micro-Ice had feelings for her, she started to get closer to D'Jok, his best friend. Feeling betrayed by the red head, he soon ran away from the team to join the pirates and left his striker position free for Mei to take. When D'Jok realised he had been manipulated, he got away from Mei and reconciled with Micro-Ice when he came back. The two of them soon forgave her and they stayed friends, however, during her time with the red head, Mei had growed feelings for him and at the end of the season, they finally get together.

In season three, they break up because of incessant arguements and she ends up with Sinedd. She also as Micro-Ice is lost in space, because of a technical error in the  holo trainer Clamp.

played as the over-ambitious defender of the Snow Kids and close friend of Tia. Although she is gifted as a defender she badly wanted to be striker for most of the 1st season. She intentionally broke the friendship between Micro-Ice and D’Jok, but felt guilty and upset after Micro-Ice left the team. She finally accepted her position as the defender of the team. Her mother is always forcing her to make contracts and ads to make a career, so Micro-Ice agreed to teach her how to say no to her mother.

In the 2nd season Mei often talks to Corso (a pirate, along with Sonny Blackbones) in secret, so Sonny can learn of how D’Jok (her boyfriend) is doing. Although she was very selfish in the first season, Mei is still very sweet and always helps when she is needed.

In season 3 she joins The Shadows and dumps D’Jok for Sinedd, but later in the series, she tries to convince D’Jok to re-join the Snow Kids. Looking at a tabloid picture of D’jock kissing another girl from his team, Mei looks sad, suggesting that she isn’t as happy with the breakup as she would let on. She once kissed D’Jok in season one after they won the tournament. In season 3, Mei and Sinedd kissed on the lips two times, once in episode 3 and once in episode 4.


She's tall with brown hair and blue eyes. Her hair is very long.

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