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Mei Infobox
Age 15 (Season 1),
19 (Season 2),
20 (Season 3)
Height 180cm
Team Snow Kids (actively),
The Shadows (formerly),
Paradisian All-Stars (formerly)
Flux The Breath of Akillian,
The Smog (formerly)
Position Defender
Shirt Number 7 (Snow Kids),
7 (The Shadows)
Home Planet Akillian
Debut The Comeback

Mei is a defender for the Snow Kids. She is a defender who holds the type of the "beautiful plant." Large, well proportioned, her blue eyes and brown hair abundant leaves no one indifferent. She often argues with his coach for the striker spot, but with D'Jok who think she wanted instead of Micro-Ice. However, after qualifying for the 8th finals, it remains in defense. In addition to being a footballer, she followed a career in advertising, forced by her tyrannical mother. She masters the breath for the return match against the Rykers. She falls madly in love with D'Jok and they live a great love story after the season finale 1 However, it breaks with D'Jok in season 3 as they fight a lot and she falls in love with little Sinedd afterwards. At first she goes out with him to make him jealous especially D'Jok. They then have an adventure that lasts until the end of season 3 During the Cup on Paradisia, she plays with the Shadows, even managing to control the smog but then comes back with the Snow Kids for the Galactik Football Cup. She also as Micro-Ice is lost in space, because of a technical error in the  holo trainer Clamp.


She's tall with brown hair and blue eyes. Her hair is very long.

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