Last Stand
Episode No. 38
Production No. 212
Air Date 11/05/2008
Planet Genesis Stadium

Last Stand is the thirty-eighth episode of Galactik Football. It aired on May 11th 2008.

The Snow Kids are trailing the Wambas at the half, and the team is very depressed. Especially D’Jok. It looks bad for our champions. Suddenly Ahito comes back and subs for Yuki in the second half! Aarch pushes the Snow Kids to "win the match for Ahito". Can the Snow Kids turn it around with Ahito in goal? While searching the League’s computers Arty spots the fake video file about Rocket in Addim’s computer – Sonny is very interested…so is Addim. Addim tells Aarch that Rocket will not be suspended and can play in the tournament again…but where is he? Mark has a secret, but he’s too afraid to tell anyone… he knows where Rocket is.

Galactik Football - S02E12 - Last Stand23:30

Galactik Football - S02E12 - Last Stand

trivia Edit

when 4 of the wambas players go to the snow kids changing room to congratulate them both the ones on the far left and far right have the no. 2 on there tops but in the next shot of them the one on the far rights no. has changed to a 3.

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