Fulmugus Infobox
Team The Shadows (currently)
Flux The Smog
Position Striker, Captain
Home Planet Shadow Archipelago

Fulmugus is a Striker for The Shadows, and is a former captain.


Unlike the other players on the team (excluding Sinedd and Senex) he has white hair and a red and black kit unlike the green and black kits of the others.


As with the other Shadows players, Fulmugus is aggressive and willing to bend the rules in order to win. However, he can shown compassion as seen when he saved two children during the evacuation of Paradisia, using his Smog to teleport them away from danger.


Fulmugus appears to be the captain of the Shadows because of a different kit until the 3rd season, when Sinedd replaced him, but did not get a different uniform.  He is always in the front and center of the Shadows formation whenever they perform there dance. He is also seen at the Sphere losing to Kernor.

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