Fathers And Sons

Fathers and Sons is the fifty ninth episode of Galactik Football and the seventh episode of the third season.


While Sonny, rescued by his pirates, remains in grave condition, D'Jok and the Snow Kids are preparing for their matches: Team Paradisia versus the Wambas, and the Snow Kids versus the Pirates! The Snow Kids are predicted to lose… Will they be able to silence their critics? It might be difficult, especially if Rocket collapses during the match. And will D'Jok be able to find his place on Team Paradisia? When Clamp notifies him of his father's condition, he goes to his bedside.

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 7- Fathers and Sons (English)23:52

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 7- Fathers and Sons (English)

Episodes NotesEdit

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