Doubts Within
Doubts Within
Episode No. 33
Production No. 207
Air Date 26/04/2008
Planet Genesis Stadium

Doubts Within is the thirty-third episode of Galactik Football. It aired on April 26th 2008.


D’Jok has a nightmare about a match in Genesis Stadium, but he brushes it off. The Snow Kids go to Addim saying that Rocket should not be suspended. Addim tells them they must wait and see what the League decides. It’s announced that D’Jok will replace Rocket on the All-Star Team, but D’Jok seems a bit too happy about it. Mei reminds him of the real problem…Rocket is still missing. Micro-Ice falls for Yuki but does his best to avoid her – it’s not easy! Tia helps Norata and Kyra look for Rocket, but it’s an impossible task – Genesis is huge. Ahito trains for the first time with the others…but Dame Simbai still worries about this health. He’s not ready. Harris tells Sinedd to keep Rocket in The Sphere, and not to play against him. Sinedd is not sure to follow his orders…

Galactik Football - S02E07 - Doubts Within23:30

Galactik Football - S02E07 - Doubts Within

Episode NotesEdit

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