Black Hole
Black Hole
Episode No. 14
Production No. 114
Air Date 16/07/2006
Planet Shadow Archiplelago

Black Hole is the fourteenth episode of Galactik Football. It aired on July 16th 2006.

Summary Edit

Micro-Ice’s return is a relief to everyone, but Aarch had already made plans to replace him, because the Snow Kids are leaving immediately for the planet Shadows to play the return match! Since they didn’t play all that well in first-leg match, the Snow Kids can kiss their dream good-bye if they lose. Meanwhile, Clamp’s clone tries to extract MetaFlux from Thran’s body. How will the Snow Kids play successfully under these conditions against Artegor’s team, which is still gloating over his previous victory?

Galactik Football - S01E14 - Black Hole24:00

Galactik Football - S01E14 - Black Hole

Episode NotesEdit

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