Battle For The Final
Battle for the final
is the sixty third episode of Galactik Football and the eleventh episode of the third season.


Paradisia now appears to have its own Flux, which would explain the mysterious tremors! The Flux Society is shocked and decides to leave immediately for Paradisia. As Tia enters the locker room, she thinks she sees Lun-Zia kissing Rocket! The Snow Kids will have to face Team Paradisia in a mythical semi-final match, and the Snow Kids will be up against D'Jok, who is determined to win…


Micro-Ice, Tia and Harvey find themselves in the Deep Stadium secret laborotory with The Multi-flux. Sonny and Corso enter to free Benett and Artie, but Micro-Ice and Tia release them first. They then escape the Deep Stadium and the next day, the parents of the Snow Kids arrive while Micro-Ice is doing autographs. They then face Team Paradisia, with D'Jok against his former teammates, the Snow Kids! The episode ends with Nikki scolding D'Jok for hurting Ahito.

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 11- Battle for the Final (English)23:18

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 11- Battle for the Final (English)

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