Ballow Infobox
Bellow is the leader of a gang of thieves on Akillian.




He was hired by Artegor Nexus to get rid of Aarch, but was distracted by his former friend Micro-Ice. He gave up in A New Hope when Callie Mystic came into Aarch's tryouts. In The Forfeit, he swore that if the Snow Kids could defeat the Technodroid V2s, he would jump into the Planet Akillian water fountain when it was over. After the Snow Kids won, his men tossed him into the fountain.

In season 3, he owns a new resturaunt in Genesis Stadium and players come over. Sinedd comes, but is revealed that his parents are the greediest scums in the entire galaxy. In All Together!, after the Semi-Finals match between the Snow Kids and the Xenons, they come and have a party.

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